Queensland Backgammon

invites all backgammon players to the

to be held at

Twin Towns Conference and Function Centre

River Room, Level 3

2 Wharf St, Tweed Heads NSW 2485


8 • 9 • 10 November 2024


    All tournaments directed by Simon Woodhead and Sharne Dyett. BMAB tournament directed by Andy Liepins.

    ANZBGF ranking points will be awarded to finalists in the Open, Masters, Speed and Doubles Championships.

  • 2024 Australian Backgammon Open

  • $100 entry + optional $50 and $100 side pools. NO REBUYS.

  • The most coveted crown in Australian backgammon - the one everybody wants to win!

    Two entry options - Friday night or Saturday morning. NO rebuys, byes will be awarded if necessary.

    The Open format is DOUBLE ELIMINATION with a progressive consolation - round of 16 losers will still have a chance of winning the tournament.

    Players may enter none, one or both side pools. The highest placed player in each side pool will win that pool. In the event of ties, the pool will be split evenly between the tied players.

    Top 8 in the main tournament will cash, 1st, 2nd and 3rd/4th will also receive trophies.

  • 2024 Australian Backgammon Masters

  • $300 entry + optional $200 side pool. No rebuys.

  • The high rollers tournament, not for the faint-hearted. After a day of backgammon in the Open and Speedgammon, those with stamina, fortitude and deep pockets will get the Australian Masters under way.

    Note: Masters registration closes at 2.30PM Saturday for a 3PM start.

    Masters satellites will be run all day Friday, $75 entry to field of four.

    Top 4 will cash, 1st and 2nd will also receive trophies. NO rebuys, byes will be awarded if necessary.

  • 2024 Australian Speedgammon

  • $50 entry, rebuys available until field is full.

  • Fast and furious, this tournament is for quick thinkers.

    Top 4 will cash, 1st and 2nd will also receive trophies.

  • 2024 Australian Backgammon Doubles

  • $100 entry per pair. No rebuys.

  • A pre-tournament event, the Doubles Championship has proved to be immensely popular. Can anyone take the trophy away from the Gold Coast teams? Entries limited to 32 teams. Teams must be available to play from 12PM Friday.

    Top 4 teams will cash, 1st and 2nd will also receive trophies. NO rebuys, byes will be awarded if necessary.

  • BMAB

  • $150 entry which covers transcription fees and recording equipment hire.

  • A new event for this year is the BMAB (Backgammon Masters Awarding Body) tournament.

    BMAB events are recorded, transcribed and analysed by XG to determine Performance Rating (PR) and then entered into the BMAB system. For more information about BMAB, see about BMAB.

    The BMAB tournament is limited to 12 players. Eligibility is at the discretion of TD Andy Liepins. Tournament winner will receive $150 and a trophy.

  • Sunday Special

  • $20 entry, $20 optional side pool plus FREE re-entry until field is full.

  • You played all day and haven't made the finals. One last chance for redemption - the Sunday Special Tournament. Top 4 will cash, 1st and 2nd will also receive trophies.

  • Jackpots

  • $100 and $50 events

  • If you're knocked out of the Open, and Masters or Speedgammon isn't your thing, there will be at least one 16 player Jackpot tournament with $100 entry - winner receives $1000 cash. On Sunday, a $50 Jackpot will be available for those knocked out of the money rounds in the main events. Jackpots return 100% of entry fees and will be run on demand.


Note: the schedule is subject to change and will be refined as needed.

  • Friday 8th November 2024

  • QLD time
    NSW time
    Registration opens
    BMAB tournament
    Doubles commences
    Masters satellites commence
    Tournament briefing
    Open commences
    Speedgammon commences

  • Saturday 9th November 2024

  • QLD time
    NSW time
    Registration opens
    Tournament briefing
    Open commences
    Open, Speed + Doubles continue
    Masters registration closes
    Masters commences

  • Sunday 10th November 2024

  • QLD time
    NSW time
    Registration opens
    Catch up matches
    Sunday Special commences
    Finals commence
    Trophies and prizegiving

Venue, Accommodation, Travel

  • Venue

  • The Twin Towns Conference and Function Centre is part of the Twin Towns Clubs + Resorts complex. Located right on the border of NSW and QLD, it is a 10 minute drive from Coolangatta Airport. Consider becoming a member to receive discounted food and drink. Just $10 per year.

    The Sebel and Mantra hotels are connected to the function centre by a covered walkway.

    Players who book the hotels via the link provided below will receive a 10% discount.

    The 2024 Australian Backgammon Championships will be held in the River Room on the 3rd floor of the conference centre over 3 days - 8th, 9th and 10th November 2024.

    Link to map (opens new page)

  • Accommodation

  • To secure discounted accommodation, please download the PDF provided by the Sebel and Mantra hotels:

    Sebel & Mantra TwinTowns Accommodation Flyer

    As with all hotel deals, prices are subject to change and the availability of rooms. The earlier you book, the better. The conference centre has also provided a handy map to help you find your way around the complex:

    2023 TTCFC Twin Towns Delegates Map

    There are numerous hotels within walking distance to suit all budgets.

  • Travel

  • Travel by air

    The Gold Coast Airport at Coolangatta (OOL) is a few minutes drive away. Taxis or Ubers will transfer you between the airport and your accommodation.

    Travel by road

    From north or south take the M1 and exit at Tweed Heads on to Kennedy Drive heading east. Bear left onto Mingjungbal Drive then follow Wharf St until you reach Twin Towns.


    Free parking is available at Twin Towns. A multi-level underground car park is located below Mantra Twin Towns, across the road from Twin Towns main building. Access to this car park is via Stuart Street. Use the covered overhead walkway to enter the Club's reception. The Mantra car park opens at 6am daily and closes at 12am. There is also undercover parking and some outdoor parking spaces on the ground level of the Twin Towns main building; entry via Boundary Street.


I will be attending
I may be attending
I would like to know more (use Questions/Comments below)

I plan on entering the following tournament(s):

Open $100 * Friday entry Saturday entry
Speedgammon $50
Masters $300
Doubles $100/team **

* For the Open, nominate either Friday or Saturday or leave blank if you're not sure.

** Doubles teams and BMAB players must be available to play from 12PM Friday.

Important Information

  • General information

  • 100% of entry fees returned as cash prizes.
  • All entry fees to be paid in cash on the day unless paid prior. EFTPOS terminals are available in the club.
  • Please bring your own board and clock (or clock app on your phone) if you can. No boards with hard (ie noisy) surfaces please!
  • Doubles teams and BMAB players must pre-register and be available to play starting 12PM Friday. Note that these two events are mutually exclusive - you can enter one or the other but not both.
  • Sunday Special is open to all players who have not cashed in the Open, Masters, Speed or Doubles tournaments. Jackpots ($100 & $50) will be provided on demand.
  • All tournament matches (except Doubles) will be entered into the ANZBGF ratings system.
  • All tournament matches will be played using ANZBGF Rules. All players should familiarise themselves with the rules. Hard copies will be available at the tournament.
  • Dress code is smart casual and the ANZBGF Code of Ethics applies. Unsportsman like conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Precision Dice are Preferred in all tournaments. A set of precision dice consists of 4 dice, same size, 2 colours.
  • Clocks are Mandatory in all tournaments except the Sunday Special tournament.
  • Baffle Boxes are Preferred in all tournaments. Please bring your own Baffle Box or Dice Tower.
  • Always check with the desk before leaving the playing area for any length of time. Penalty points may apply to players arriving late for a scheduled match.
  • Breaks: One 5 minute break per player for matches of 7 or more points. No breaks (except essential comfort breaks) for shorter matches.
  • $50 registration fee applies to all Open, Masters and Speed players, reduced to $30 for financial ANZBGF members. Join or renew your ANZBGF membership here.
  • To register interest, please fill out the Registration Form or use the Contact Form if you have questions.

  • If this is your first major tournament, here's a nice little video to help you on your way: Playing In Our First Backgammon Tournament
    And from the same team, help with clocks: What's the deal with backgammon clocks?

  • Match lengths and clock settings

  • All clock settings are 90 seconds per point, rounded up, with a 12 second delay unless otherwise noted:
  • Open Main Rounds 1-7: 9/9/11/11/11/13/15 point matches (14/14/17/17/17/20/23 minutes).
  • Masters Rounds 1-5: 11/11/13/13/15 points (17/17/20/20/23 minutes).
  • Masters satellites: 9 point matches, clocks preferred (14 minutes).
  • Speedgammon: 7 point matches, clocks at 3 minutes total with 12 second delay.
  • Doubles Tournament: 7 point matches, 9 point Final, clocks at 11/14 minutes with 20 second delay.
  • BMAB Tournament: 11 point matches, clocks at 22 minutes with 12 second delay.
  • Sunday Special: 5 point matches, 7 point final, clocks optional (8/11 minutes).
  • Jackpots: 9 point matches, clocks preferred (14 minutes).